Why Choose Us?

It is our goal to acquire the highest quality organic green coffee and deliver the best flavor in each cup. Through the roasting process, we strive to find the hidden flavor characteristics from each country, region and district. 

I love this delicious coffee! The delightful smell fills my home every morning and I am filled with joy knowing I am helping small businesses locally and far away too! Thanks Kym and Rich for bringing this to our community! 100 ⭐️’s


I love Roaster and the Bean coffee. I recently bought a bag of Uganda. If you are a coffee snob, like me, you will enjoy the wonderful aroma that fills your home when you wake up to this brew...Another awesome service is home delivery. Fresh ground coffee delivered to your door!

Mary Ann Dahlgren

About Us

Kym and Rich Nelms


What started as a fun experiment, home coffee roasting soon became a passion. We began by roasting in our oven and trying out beans from different countries and regions. The desire to get the most out of the raw coffee became an obsession. We invested in learning the science behind roasting which eventually led to purchasing a small roaster. We continued to hone our skills and with encouragement from friends and family decided to turn coffee roasting into a business. 

We love coffee! We hope you love our coffee.